The way to release of tension of stage fright in a moment


Is there the way to release of tension of stage fright in a moment?

Well, there is the way here.

Moreover, it is very easy technique.

I was explaining many times up to now that it took long time for foundation treatment of stage fright.

So the way I’ll introduce now also is determinative and isn’t foundation treatment.

But even if I don’t take anti-anxiety drug, it’s possible to release of tension, so it’s worth trying.

I found the way at a music concert few years ago.

On the day, my friend took her parents to my concert.

When I saw the parents’ face at that time, all my tension went off in a moment.

Also, I could sing a song in a forceful voice until the end without suffering from unpleasant symptom of stage fright.

The four causes of stage fright are; phobia of eyes, an anthropophobia, failed phobia and stage fright rising phobia.

But when I saw my friend’s parents’ face at the concert, I didn’t have to fear by phobia of eyes, an anthropophobia and failed phobia, and stage fright rising phobia.

When I was filled out a sense of security in a moment instead of tension, I felt a really strange sensation.

I thought this matter carefully later.

I guess that I have complete confidence in my friend’s parents more than I usually think.

“Do my friends, family, and my girl or boy friend accept my any fault, even if I make a mistake?"

If you have complete confidence in your frineds, you do not have to be frightened at the four phobia of causes of a stage fright in front of them.

Unfortunately, this way can be used in only a situation like a concert and a wedding party such as casual and informal gatherings.

Because you can not take your nearest and dearest the person to a presentation, a speech, a job interview and an official situation.

Please try this way on a private, informal and casual situation by all means.


“I want friends and a sweetheart who can accept my any fault…."
“I can not have confidence in any person…."
“I want to live a full life with my nice friend who can have confidence."

If you think so, please inquire me any time.